Eurostar could be expanding to other European cities in Spain, Portugal and Italy

Eurostar may be expanding its list of destinations.

After launching its direct route between London and Amsterdam, the travel firm could be looking to extend into Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps spoke about these plans this month.

He said: “We are fully committed to expanding international rail routes as a Government – and Eurostar is too.

“Among those destinations mentioned to be added in the future is Bordeaux… Spain, Portugal, Geneva and beyond into the rest – Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Frankfurt.

“Ultimately, we want to see seamless connections, with continental high-speed networks to destinations lighting up across the departure board.”

This news is bound to please those who have a fear of flying.

It could also be attractive to those who are concerned about their carbon footprints.

According to BEIS/Defra Greenhouse Gas Conversion Factors 2019, Eurostar emits 6g of CO2 emissions per passenger per km travelled.

In contrast, the same journey by domestic flight emits 133g of CO2.

It also causes secondary effects on the environment.


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